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Fax Mail saves money

No more line rental, paper, toner or fax machine costs

Fax Mail has many possible money saving aspects over using a fax machine. Firstly you are likely to save costs on printing and here's why.

You do not need to print out each incoming fax to view them when you are using a UK fax mail number. This means that you are less likely to print out every single fax that arrives, instead you will probably only print the very important ones that you require hard copies of. This will result in a saving of paper and toner used to print the faxes.

Secondly you will not need to buy a fax machine or have it serviced, you can use your computer email and a pdf viewer to view your faxes and use your office printer to print the faxes that you need copies of.

There is no fax line rental needed to use your UK fax mail number, simply use you existing internet setup and receive your faxes via email.

Your free fax mail UK number service will also allow you to forward digital copies of the fax mail faxes to your colleagues, should they need copies.

This will save you the expense and hassle of re-faxing the document to other parties.

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