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  • Access faxes anywhere via email
  • Fax number never busy or out of paper
  • Easily manage your faxes

How Fax to Email Works?

Fax to Email Number UK

Step 1. Sending The Fax
The sender of the document sends a fax to your UK fax to email number using any fax machine or service just like they would to any traditional fax number.

UK Faxmail Number

Step 2: Convert To PDF And Forward
The fax2email system converts the faxed document to a pdf attachment and forwards the fax to your email address.

Fax2Email Number UK

Step 3. View On Many Devices
The faxmail arrives as an attachment in your personal inbox whether you use a computer, laptop, ipad or mobile phone to view your mail.

UK Virtual fax Number

Step 4: Easily Manage Faxes
You can view the fax using a pdf viewer and then decide if you would like to print, save, forward or delete the document.

Fax to Email Features and Benefits:

Fax to Email is Free

There are no costs to the person receiving the faxes via email, the person that sends the document pays the cost to send the fax to your faxmail number. There are also no setup fees, software fees or line rental fees to use free fax to email.

Accessible Anywhere

Log on anytime to your mail and access your faxes via your email account. Get your faxes while out of the office and from any location provided you have mail access and a PDF viewer. No need to rush back to the office to check for faxed documents.

Eco Friendly

Since you are able to view your faxes on your computer screen without having to print them, you will probably need to print fewer faxed documents. First view your faxes and then print the ones that you need. Save paper and trees!

Fax mail vs fax machine

With fax to mail your callers will not get number busy signals, nor will you have to change the paper when it runs out. You will no longer have to print out every fax to view them and you can keep your UK virtual fax number when you move offices.

Privately view faxes

Your fax2email faxes arrive in our own private email address so you can view them on your own computer screen versus an office fax machine that is shared with other staff members.

Money Saver

Using fax to email is likely to save you money. Firstly, you do not need to print out and use paper and toner to view the faxed documents and secondly you will not need to buy a fax machine. You can also forward faxes as email attachments saving you fax sending costs.

Easy and fast to setup and use

Fax to email is free , its is as easy to use as filling out the form above, activating the account and then using email with attachments. If you have an internet connection, a computer, email and a pdf viewer that is all you should need.

Virtual UK Fax Number

Get your UK fax to email number and get your UK faxes from anywhere in the world via email. By using a UK fax number, you give people the impression that you are based in the UK.