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Easy and fast to setup and use - Fax Email

Anyone that can use email and open an attachment can use fax email

Fax Email is very easy to use and set up. The fax email service is as easy to use as opening an email attachment.

To sign up all you need to do is complete the fax email sign up form. You will then immediately be allocated a UK fax email number free of charge.

You can then give this number to the people that may need to send you faxes. People can fax using almost any fax machine or service to your fax email number.

When they do fax your UK fax email number, the fax email service will automatically convert the fax to digital format and forward it to your email address. The fax email arrives as a pdf attachment in your email inbox.

All you need to do is to be able to open the fax email by using pdf viewing software that most computers already have. You can then print the pdf / fax emails that you would like copies of, forward them, delete the faxes that your do not want to keep or save the faxes you would like to keep on your computer.

Fax Email UK numbers are therefore as easy as using email and opening attachments!

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