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  • Access faxes anywhere via email
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  • Easily manage your faxes

Fax mail, better that a fax machine?

So many benefits over using traditional fax machines!

There are a number of good reasons to use fax mail over a traditional fax machine.

Firstly you do not need to buy a fax machine, you can use your existing computer with email.

Secondly you can access your faxes anywhere via email, rather than having to go to your fax machine to view your faxes.

Thirdly you can view your faxes on your computer's screen without having to print them, this will save you the need to print each fax using paper and toner.

The Fax Mail service is also easy to manage, instead of having to rescan faxes or keep hard copies, you can easily forward faxes, save them, print the ones that you need or you can simply delete the faxes that you do not need to keep.

With a virtual fax number you will receive faxes directly to your email address instead of the faxes being printed on a shared fax machine where anyone can view them.

Register for fax mail and prevent the people that are trying to fax you getting busy signals, your fax mail line should never be too busy to handle the faxes that you may receive.

Since your faxes arrive in your email and are not linked to a phone / fax line, you will be able to move offices and keep one fax mail number.

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